About Us


Is the specialist company which has developed the platform for COBCOE.

The TIAO Vision

Is a world without any barriers for all entrepreneurs and people with ideas that want to develop their business and find common interests in a way that creates value for all.

Our Mission

Is to connect all entrepreneurs and people with ideas around the world in a safe and trusted environment and facilitate the development of lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.

The Insight

The insight behind the creation of TIAO – combining the personal with digital - is based on the fact that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Their relationships usually develop in that order. Trust Is An Outcome – hence the name TIAO – based on 3 core elements:

Delivery – Accountability - Transparency.

These are realised on the platform by your TIAO score – the higher the score the higher your ranking.

Chambers of Commerce score high on accountability and transparency, based on trusted personal relationships. Online matchmaking platforms potentially score very high on delivery because of their reach and low transactional cost. However, if people do not know who they are dealing with, the lack of transparency and accountability online reduce the motivation of individual members to participate.

TIAO brings both together the best of both worlds with its uniquely responsive online platform personally moderated by local trusted chambers and networks.

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