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We believe that the best predictor of future success is past success.

Hickey & Associates (H&A) is a global leader in site location strategy, economic incentive advisory, and workforce solutions with active projects in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques, H&A assists businesses in determining the best location to expand, relocate or consolidate anywhere in the world.

Site Selection

Selecting a site is a critical decision. The cost associated with a facility, workforce and supply chain can far exceed half of all operating expenses.

H&A offers a single source, “turn-key” solution to support site selection. We derive value through understanding the real political climate, perceived and actual business friendliness, as well as, immediate and long term costs of doing business with a community.

H&A has the strategic skills required to manage and leverage numerous communities and/or states, each of which must be kept involved in the process until completion. We’re committed to remaining impartial and unbiased during the entire project. Remaining impartial helps determine the success of the site selection process and its what separates us from the competition.

Credits and Incentives Practice

Our team provides the best-in-class support that is truly comprehensive. We ensure our clients realize the full value of an incentive package, all while minimizing the risk to the business. These services are for the full life cycle of the incentive, which includes the identifying, negotiating, securing, legal construction, and compliance and aftercare.

We are committed to providing high-quality personalized service with integrity and intelligence, which is critical when securing public incentives for our clients.

H&A’s comprehensive Credits and Incentives Service includes the following:

Pre-qualification of Incentives

Public Disclosure Protection


Legal Construction

Aftercare and Benefit Collection

Labor Analytics

H&A offers an innovative technical approach to understanding local labor trends. Our clients choose from a suite of products that customize the approach to identify current labor dynamics and forecast short-term and long-term workforce risks. We use the best industry standard data combined with innovations in big data, ground truth result control, change detection analysis, social media analysis, and data we collect. We deliver the highest quality service in labor shed, demographic, socio-political, and on the ground research available.

Our proprietary algorithms determine both where and when change will affect the labor shed, sustainability of a labor force, education, growth saturation rates, attrition, migratory patterns, and other labor decision metrics. We understand the importance of a sustainable workforce and provide objective analysis that is key to the success of any new or existing facility.

We provides our clients with the entire Labor Analytics process, which includes:




Data Conforming

Risk Mitigation



Logistics and Supply Chain

H&A works with clients to not only understand the logistical environment of today, but also takes into account the future by forecasting customer demand, supply rends, energy costs, and transportation related expenditures.

Companies need to integrate logistics and supply chain strategies into their site decision process. Logistics and supply chain strategy is critical in determining a site is effective in meeting the demands of customers and to efficiently source goods from suppliers, all while ensuring transportation costs are low.

That’s where we come in.

H&A develops a detailed report presenting the logistical costs and challenges, along with the opportunities, for each potential location under consideration. By conducting a logistics and supply chain analysis, the company has the opportunity to identify where the most operationally effective, economically sound location will be for a project’s specific needs.

We provide our clients with products and services representing the entire lifecycle of logistics and supply chain:

Smart Supply Chain

Network Optimization

Product Flow

Data Conforming

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Incentives Compliance

We navigate our clients through the entire incentives life cycle to optimize the incentive package, ensuring maximum value. H&A works directly with your team to complete all applications, contracts, agreements and meet reporting requirements.

In the U.S., over 70% of incentive dollars negotiated are never fully realized by the company.

The benefit of hiring us?

Access to our proprietary Public Incentives Management System (PIMS), a web-based, incentive management tool. PIMS provides the tools to track and manage incentives once they are awarded to ensure budgeted incentive dollars are actually received. The patented PIMS system is a one of a kind, best-in-class management tool to ensure all incentives are received at their maximum value and are in compliance with all requirements. Custom, real-time reports allow for incentive measurement, compliance and communication.

Site Due Diligence

Site Due Diligence is a necessary and intense practice that, when done right, ensures the site meets the specific requirements of the project. At H&A, we take a boots-on-the-ground approach to the due diligence process by undertaking an extensive evaluation to make certain all aspects of the site are identified and effectively understood.


Documenting Facts

Personal Site Visits

Facility Design

Environmental Review

Global Expertise

H&A is strategically positioned to service our clients in every corner of the globe. We have direct experience on every continent providing our first-class advisory services in site selection, public incentive advisory and workplace strategies. Whether the project is in Alabama or Zurich, Australia or Zimbabwe, we have the resources and people in place to ensure success.

A key resource we provide our clients with is our international database of public incentives. With thousands of incentive and grant programs in our proprietary www.incentivedatabase.com, our clients have access to thorough analysis of the financial opportunities available at the national, state, provincial and local levels.

Global growth with a local presence

Patented tools for our clients

Data Driven

Quick turn-around

Ongoing Management
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