How do I sign up?

Use the sign-up page (https://cobcoe.tiao.world/subscription/new_subscription), or request an invitation from one of our networks. (See "What is a network' below)

Who can join?

Members of chambers of commerce or individual companies. We welcome all businesses but everyone needs to be vetted by one of our moderators (See "What is a moderator' below)

Do I have to be a member of a chamber of commerce to join CONNECTS?

Anyone can join. However, as CONNECTS is a trusted platform, your account will be activated after one of our moderators reviews your application.

May I try CONNECTS first?

Yes, a 30 days free trial is available for any company. If you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce contact your local moderator for more information.

How much does CONNECTS cost?

Everyone can apply for a free trial. Once your free 30 days trial is finished, if you're not a member of one of the chambers of commerce on our platform, the membership costs 8,34€/month excluding VAT. If you are a member of a participating chamber of commerce, check with your local moderator. A reduced membership fee may apply, or CONNECTS may be free depending on the policy of your Chamber of Commerce.

What can I expect from CONNECTS

Your membership gives you the right to use CONNECTS as much as you like. As every member of the platform is validated by our networks, you can use CONNECTS to develop your business and reach out to qualitative contacts in a trusted environment.

What makes CONNECTS different from Linkedin?

Many things! One of the main differences is that each network on CONNECTS has a local personal moderator. A moderator knows the members of their network and has expertise in international business relations. Another difference is our "opportunity" tool. Whether you want to sell a product, are looking to promote an event, or any other business to business activity, our opportunity tool matches your request to existing businesses that might be interested.

What is a network?

A network is a chamber of commerce on CONNECTS. All the members of that chamber of commerce can access CONNECTS and get help from their local moderator for their business development or any other business matter.

What is a moderator?

A moderator is someone responsible for a network. Usually a designated chamber staff member, he or she is there to help members make relevant contacts, promote their business, develop opportunities and help solve any problems on CONNECTS

What is an opportunity?

An opportunity is a feature that any members can create when they want to share a request, an event, or their products/services to members. There are different kind of opportunities, which can be selected in the "opportunity" tool. An opportunity can be time limited and location limited. Once an opportunity is created, it will be shared with other members who might be interested in exchanging with you about it. For maximum effectiveness, it is good practice to discuss the opportunities you create with your local moderator.

May I invite my contacts to join the platform?

Yes, this will soon be a feature inside the platform which will allow you to do so yourself. For the time being please contact your local moderator who will be happy to invite your contacts on your behalf.